Why McLean VA Lawn Care Companies Should Personalize Your Service

As we celebrate a new year, I can’t help but think of all those people out there that made the resolution to get healthy, and commit to an exercise program to achieve their goal. While some people will carry through on those commitments, others will give up after not seeing the results that those infomercials promised them. What they don’t realize is that exercise programs, much like lawn care programs, are not one-size-fits-all. They need to be crafted around the individual, their body type, gender, limitations, current health, and many other factors. Lawn care is no different and there are 5 main reasons McLean VA lawn care companies should personalize your service.

Soil Conditions Are Different All Across Virginia

No matter where you are in Virginia, your soil and its composition is more than likely very different. In fact, your lawn’s soil is probably much different than the house across town. When feeding your lawn, your McLean VA lawn care company needs to take this into consideration. Soil compaction and pH levels can have a dramatic effect on the health of your lawn.

Different Grass Varieties Need Different Things

All grass is not the same; in fact, there are over 100 varieties of blue grass alone. While it may not be important to know which variety of bluegrass you have, it is imperative to know if it is a different species of grass such as rye, creeping or fescue. Depending on the type of grass, your lawn could require completely different nutrition.

How Shade and Sun Changes Everything

Depending on the amount of shade and sun your lawn receives, your McLean VA lawn care program should differ. Often as a result of extreme shade, fungus and other lawn disease are a reoccurring problem. Moisture and no sun contribute to the problem and cause dampness which leads to disease. On the other side, too much sun leads to lawns drying out and can lead to thinning grass. Depending on the amount of sun and shade your lawn receives, different treatments and care are needed.

Ability to Care for Your Lawn

As we’ve established, every lawn is different and should be treated as such. With that said, each lawn may require a different amount of care to get the most out of it. Your ability to care for your lawn should be taken into account when developing a lawn care program. Important information such as whether you have a sprinkling system, mowing schedule, and other factors can affect how healthy your lawn is. It’s important that a McLean VA lawn care company works with you to set expectations based on the level of care your lawn needs, and what you can provide.

Your Lawn’s Health History

Similar to a doctor, a McLean, VA lawn care company needs to know your lawn’s health history. Often past disease and complications can lead to unsatisfactory results in the future. That’s why a lawn care company should receive an intimate history of your lawns past, highlighting any problems it may have had. Working with a lawn care company that reviews that information can help develop a plan that prevents the same problems from popping up in the future.

Just like a personal trainer for your fitness, you should find a McLean VA lawn care company that can work with what you have, your limitations, and other things that make you (and your lawn) unique. But how can you find that perfect match? It’s easy! Call us today!