The Best Lawn Maintenances in McLean VA For An All-Seasons Thriving Turf

Lawn owners are always looking for the best lawn maintenance in McLean VA to help keep their yards healthy and beautiful in every season.  Though it might seem easy, most are times when we get confused about how to mow our lawns, seed, fertilize, or even aerate them properly.

If you always find yourself in a similar situation, read on to learn some of the best lawn maintenance practices you should start implementing from today.

Key Lawn Maintenance in McLean, VA, You Should Engage In

If you want your lawn to stay healthy all year round, here are some of the most vital lawn treatments practices you should engage in:


Like any other living thing, your lawn needs feeding to survive and thrive throughout the year. However, before applying fertilizers on your lawn, you need to research what fertilizers your lawn needs and when to use them. Depending on the type of vegetation you’ve planted on your lawn and the season of the year, you’ll need to choose the appropriate fertilizer to apply. Common lawn fertilizers include phosphorus-rich, nitrogen-boosted, potassium-rich, all-nutrients & minerals blend, and even compost fertilizers. Consult with a lawn care expert near you in McLean, VA, like us, to help you choose the right one for your turf.

Mowing- For Lawn Weed Control

Perfectly manicured lawns are centerpieces of attention. No questions asked. To have a lawn like that, you’ll need to engage your mower once weekly. While at it, don’t forget to keep the one-third rule of lawn mowing by regulating your mower blades. We recommend keeping your grass at the height of 2.5 to 3 inches. Mowing helps control weeds keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy. You could always reach out to your local lawn maintenance in McLean VA expert for affordable & professional lawn weed control services.

Follow a Professional Lawn care and Fertilization Program

To achieve an year-round healthy and blooming lawn, your local lawn maintenance expert near you in McLean VA recommends following this fertilization program:

Step 1: In early spring, do some pre-emergent crabgrass control and apply a balanced fertilizer.

Step 2: When spring dawns, apply some balanced fertilizer and perform post-emergent crabgrass control.

Step 3: Do some nutsedge control, broadleaf weed control while applying some balanced fertilizer in early and mid-summer.

Step 4: Nearing the end of summer, apply some balanced fertilizer to enhance root development. You may also do some broadleaf weed control if they still persist.

Step 5: Apply some lime to neutralize your lawn soil acidity.

Step 6: During autumn, fertilize your lawn to encourage further root development and early spring bloom and hue.

Don’t neglect your turf if you already have a lot to do. Contract your lawn maintenance in McLean, VA, to us for affordable professional lawn care solutions that meet your specific needs and budget! Call us today at (703) 327-3271 or request a free estimate now and we’ll get back to you today!