Lawn Mowing

Lawn MowingWhen the weather is nice, and the sun is shining, you want to get outside and take advantage of it. But nice weather conditions also mean your lawn is growing like crazy and probably needs to be mowed. What to do? Put that mower away and call Green Hill Landscaping!

While you’re out enjoying the beautiful months of nice weather, the professional lawn care experts at Green Hill Landscaping can take care of your lawn, keeping it healthy, green and gorgeous. To make things even easier for you, you can request your lawn care services via our Free Estimate form, and even pay for your service online while you’re on the go!

Lawn mowing and trimming is one of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy and protect your property value. Grass develops new growth at the crown, so a proper lawn mowing stimulates the plant to become dense and healthy resulting in a rich, thick turf.

We mow all grass areas approximately every 7 days throughout the growing season, weather permitting, for an approximate total of 32 cuts per season.  Grass height will be adjusted as appropriate for seasonal conditions.  We will also perform string trimming along shrub bed edges, walkways, and curbs as needed.

The Green Hill Service Advantage

Our enthusiasm for professional lawn care carries over to everything we do, which includes an emphasis we place on providing expert service and support to our many Happy Customers. Maybe it’s because we live in the same communities we service, or perhaps it’s because many of our customers are also our neighbors, but whatever the reason, lawn care isn’t a part-time gig to us and neither is our commitment to you.

While others may call it professionalism, we feel that our willingness to answer our client’s questions and address their concerns is just our way of building relationships that last.

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