Insect Control: Ant, Flea & Tick Treatment

Insect Control Ant-Flea-Tick TreatmentThese nuisance pests may not damage your lawn, but they can be among some of the biggest pests around your yard. By applying seasonal and targeted applications of control products we can help you minimize these invasions. Protect your lawn and family’s health from fleas and ticks with our Insect Control Treatment.

  • Proven Safe – Any products we use to control insects in your lawn have been proven safe to use around your children and pets.
  • Prevent Diseases – Everyone knows fleas and ticks can carry diseases and you can help prevent this by reducing these pests with us.
  • Protect Your Home Ants can cause a lot of damage to your home and we can help keep them away and off your lawn.

Ticks & Fleas, including the Black-Legged Tick, tend to live outdoors in your lawn, waiting for its new host to walk by and attach itself. Protecting yourself with sprays and repellent is one way to help, but also applying a barrier in your lawn where your children and pets play can help to dramatically decrease your chances of being bitten.

Help decrease your chances of being bit by a tick or flea, and protect your family! Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate (703) 327-3271.

Professional Ant/Flea/Tick/Spider Treatment

Per Application (3 Applications per year)

  1. Application applied to target living fleas and ticks
  2. Application to control hatching eggs
  3. Follow-up application to control hatching eggs

Note: Lawn Mowing Service a prerequisite, service not offered a la carte

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