Everything You Need to Know about Petscaping from our Lawn Care McLean VA Experts

Petscaping – preparing an area of your property for pets and kids to play – is one of the essential landscaping trends in 2019. More and more young couples want to find peace and privacy on their properties, without forgetting about their furry friends. According to statistics, more than half of homeowners have one or two dogs around, which need their little corners of paradise to play in and enjoy. If you want to rebuild your property next year according to petscaping trends, here are the things our lawn care McLean VA experts want you to know!

The Creation of a Safe and Fun Place for Your Pets

No matter how large or small your property is, your pets and kids need space to manifest. Energetic dogs need more space to run around and play, but you can offer them plenty of challenges even if you cannot provide them with entire fields to roam. Here are some essential elements to consider:

  • The introduction of non-toxic turf and grasses that are also resilient to trampling and dog pee: clover is an excellent choice, together with perennial rye;
  • Make sure you have a full-grass area for running around, fetch and catch games, chases, and other fun activities the family can engage in together with the furry buddy;
  • Dogs also need to patrol and protect the premises; if space allows, have your lawn care McLean VA team build stone/gravel walkways and pathways, so buddy has the time of its life;
  • If the dog is a digger, avoid flower beds – and plants in general – but add digging areas and teach them they are okay to dig;
  • Border and protect the playing field with thick shrubs and fencing hedges to offer boundaries and shade;
  • Plant flea repelling plants like lavender and rosemary to keep buddy safe;
  • Add obstacles and dog training installations to provide an energetic dog the chance to get tired;
  • If you cannot separate kids from dogs, add some playground installations for kids as well;
  • You have to install a water feature – dogs need to stay hydrated and have some splashy summer fun; a water feature will add beauty and functionality to your landscape;
  • Avoid at all costs to use chemical substances as fertilizers or pesticides; clover does not need fertilization and needs little watering or pest control for that matter; however, no matter what turf and plants you add to the petscape, turn to organic measures, as dogs exposed to pesticides develop cancers in 70% of the time;
  • Ask your lawn maintenance McLean VA experts to install an irrigation system if you prefer traditional turf grasses; rigorous watering protects the herbs from browning and the consequences of trampling;
  • Never install cocoa mulch – it is toxic and even fatal to dogs.

Hiring a Lawn Care McLean VA Company

If you want thigs to be perfect for your family next year, call our lawn care McLean VA company right now. We offer free estimates, and we can turn your petscape dream into reality. Even if you want to revamp and repurpose an established part of your property, transforming it into a haven for pets and kids, we can remodel and rebuild things for you efficiently and risk-free!