3 Lawn Maintenance in McLean VA, Tips To Spruce Up Your Turf In Fall!

Fall may seem like the best time to let your lawn rest; after all, everything will be covered by snow anyway. However, before you switch off your mower, clean your rake and pat yourself on the back for a turf well-kept in summer; remember, spring is just a few months away. If you want a smooth run and a healthy lawn in spring, you got to prepare your turf now. Experts say grass and plant roots grow much better and stronger in autumn. This helps your lawn survive the harsh cold winter and grow beautifully in spring.

Read on to learn lawn maintenance in McLean VA best practices to look after your turf come fall!

Here are 3 turf maintenance tips to include in your fall routine:

Keep Raking Your Lawn

Most trees shed their leaves during fall, covering most of your landscape. Most landscapers and lawn owners assume these leaves are mulch, but they are wrong. Leaves covering your lawn can be disadvantageous since they prevent sunlight from reaching the underlying plants like grass. Without sunlight, these plants can’t make their own food, so they die. Raking helps uncover your lawn, allowing your plants to get sufficient sunlight and air to survive.

Titivate Your Lawn

During summertime, you and your family may have spent quite a lot of time playing, relaxing or hosting parties on your lawn. As a result, some areas may have dried or got damaged due to pounding and intense solar heat. You need to identify these damaged spots and spruce them up. Consider seeding or planting on bare areas to ensure your lawn goes back to shape sooner than later.

Keep Mowing Your Lawn

Your grass isn’t dormant yet until it starts to frost during winter. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop mowing your grass as far as it continues to grow. Follow your usual mowing schedule to maintain your grass at the right height. Lawn mowing also helps control weeds that might compete for food, nutrients and water with your desired vegetation come winter.

Need Help With Your Lawn Maintenance in McLean VA?

Stop tiring yourself with lawn care and maintenance during fall or any other time of the year. Outsource your lawn care, and maintenance needs to a professional like us for personalized landscaping solutions. We offer affordable lawn maintenance in McLean, VA, and other turf care services including mulching, flower planting, spring & fall leaf clean up and lawn aeration and seeding. Help is just a ring away!